What is better Bluehost or DreamHost?

Bluehost and DreamHost are two of the most popular web hosting providers in the market. They both offer a variety of plans and features for different types of websites, especially WordPress. But which one is better for your needs? In this article, we will compare Bluehost and DreamHost on several aspects, such as ease of use, performance, pricing, security, and customer support.

Ease of use

Both Bluehost and DreamHost have user-friendly dashboards that allow you to manage your websites, domains, email accounts, and other settings. However, Bluehost uses the standard cPanel interface, which is more familiar and intuitive for most users. DreamHost has a custom dashboard that may take some time to get used to. Both providers also offer one-click WordPress installation and free website migration services.


Performance is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a web host. You want your website to load fast and be available at all times. According to our tests, DreamHost has a slight edge over Bluehost in terms of performance. DreamHost showed better uptime, faster loading speed, and higher scalability than Bluehost. DreamHost also uses SSD storage and Cloudflare CDN for all its plans, while Bluehost only offers them for some plans.


Both Bluehost and DreamHost have competitive pricing for their shared hosting plans. They both offer a low introductory rate of $2.95 per month for a one-year contract, but they differ in their renewal prices. Bluehost charges $10.99 per month to renew the same plan, while DreamHost charges $6.99 per month. DreamHost also has a longer money-back guarantee period of 97 days, compared to Bluehost's 30 days.


Security is another crucial aspect to consider when choosing a web host. You want your website to be protected from hackers, malware, spam, and other threats. Both Bluehost and DreamHost offer free SSL certificates, which encrypt the data between your website and your visitors. They also offer some additional security features, such as backups, firewalls, spam filters, and malware scanners. However, these features may vary depending on the plan you choose and may require extra fees.

Customer support

Customer support is the last aspect we will compare between Bluehost and DreamHost. You want your web host to provide you with timely and helpful assistance whenever you encounter any issues or have any questions. Both Bluehost and DreamHost offer 24/7 customer support via phone, chat, and email. However, based on our experience and online reviews, Bluehost has faster and more responsive customer support than DreamHost.


In conclusion, both Bluehost and DreamHost are excellent web hosting providers that can suit different needs and preferences. However, based on our comparison, we think that Bluehost is better for beginners who want a simple and easy-to-use web host with fast customer support. On the other hand, DreamHost is better for advanced users who want a more reliable and faster web host with more security and scalability options.